Growing Places



I photograph places in the world around me as an exploration that is essentially objective but occasionally surreal. I look for the sense of the significance of the places, spaces and circumstances I photograph. I am patient, methodical. I wait for the place I am in to reveal itself to me. I am interested in natural and artificial spaces, made objects and structures. I record by means of formal composition and abstraction so the places disclose their inherent design and energy.

I’m interested in images that don’t just show how we live, but also a way to live, with an awareness of the order of things, their rhythm, their mystery, their beauty and their capacity to yield to the unsayable – sometimes all we can do is see.

In these two projects my intention is to show the consistency of underlying themes and ideas by photographing seemingly diverse places and spaces that are, nonetheless, parts of a whole; a city. I have turned my gaze to two intensely ‘negotiated spaces’, community gardens and the city at night. Both spaces are rich in social and political interests, and implied presences. Both of them contain beauty, mystery, the rhythms of time and season and in which an awareness of ‘the order of things’, natural and regulated, is a necessary and desirable component of their photographic presentation.